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Touchscreen Response Time Measurement, and How to Automate Latency Measurement Using High-Speed Cameras

Deep dive into device response time measurement using a black-box approach that replicates real-world touchscreen usage. Detecting inconsistencies in device behavior offers insights into how to improve user experience.

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What Is Smart Retail?  

Smart retail — those retail outlets that use data and automation for better decision-making and store operations — can provide retail managers with insights and help them unlock efficiencies that enable better customer service and improve revenue potential.  Smart retail uses data and technology to upgrade customer service and achieve operational excellence in supplier and […]

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Meet ERIS the Smart Retail Robot by Adapta Robotics at EuroShop 2023

Robotics is the natural language for Adapta. This is why we are excited to bring our smart retail robot ERIS to the Start-up Hub at EuroShop 2023!  Held in Düsseldorf, Germany from February 26 to March 02, EuroShop 2023 is a world-leading retail trade show. Retailers from all over the world and industry service providers […]

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The Robot That Solves the Wrong Price Label Problem on Store Shelves

Authored by Ionut Preda and originally published on 09.11.2022 in Mindcraft Stories, a publication on emerging technology ERIS, a robot specialized in scanning shelf labels created by Adapta Robotics, will soon be seen in supermarkets all across Romania If you've ever been annoyed about a supermarket purchase that cost more at the checkout than the […]

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The process of teaching MATT how to play Chess

Adapta launched the challenge of teaching MATT how to play Chess. One of our Students’ Program interns came up with an original solution.

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