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Meet ERIS the Smart Retail Robot by Adapta Robotics at EuroShop 2023

Robotics is the natural language for Adapta. This is why we are excited to bring our smart retail robot ERIS to the Start-up Hub at EuroShop 2023!  Held in Düsseldorf, Germany from February 26 to March 02, EuroShop 2023 is a world-leading retail trade show. Retailers from all over the world and industry service providers […]

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Adapta is now on Wevolver

We are officially announcing that the Adapta Robotics Wevolver profile is now live and ready to be explored through a first article referring to challenges met during automotive infotainment systems testing processes.

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The Journey of a Robotics Startup

Telling the story of how Adapta Robotics came to be, what makes it unique and how does it run in the current market of enterprise robotic solutions, Adapta's founders had the pleasure and opportunity of offering an interview for Hackernoon.

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ViennaUp 2022- First Start-up Competition Experience

Adapta Robotics took part in the start-up competition ‘BoostUp! Supercharge’, powered by EIT Manufacturing and hosted during ViennaUp 2022 technology festival.

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Wevolver about ERIS

In a growing retail robotics market, ERIS plays the role of improving in store customer experience, bringing growth in revenues while alleviating the burden of conventional, time- consuming tasks.

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Wevolver about MATT

When Adapta was still just a robotics department at Rinftech, MATT has been featured on Wevolver, the well- known knowledge platform that takes pride in talking about and publishing articles and information about exceptional engineering projects.

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