ERIS, the Ultimate
Retail Robot

Make the process of keeping an up- to- date price display and on shelf availability more efficient and easier to handle.

ERIS or the Effective Retail Intelligent Scanner is the ultimate retail robot that resolves on-shelf- availability and price tag issues quickly and accurately.

ERIS is designed to be adaptable through and through. It seamlessly integrates with the store’s structure and retrieves correct data by comparing the live status of the barcodes with the store’s database. Each scanning session is supported by vision modules, consisting of high-resolution cameras and depth sensors. Equipped with autofocus lenses that prevent errors caused by shelf distance deviations, ERIS gathers and analyzes relevant information (shelf prices on both paper back and electronic labels, barcode location, OSA estimation) onsite.

Passing each high-quality image through AI algorithms, ERIS identifies price tag inconsistencies, determines on shelf availability and issues out of stock warnings. This allows its human operator to acknowledge and rectify problems in an instant, printing and replacing incorrect labels on-the-spot or restocking the shelves immediately.


Scan, process, solve on the spot! Rectify in- store price and promotion errors and minimize customer dissatisfaction brought by empty shelves and price tag mistakes with ERIS.

16 high precisionn
Integrated display for reports
observation and operation
Inbuilt LTE connectivity
WIFI independent
3 hours
Charging time
Adaptive lighting
2 price label
Support shelf
heights of 2 m
A full shift on
one charge
Custom developed
AI neural networks
High performance
vision modules
Integration with store infrastructure
Instant result
Print and replace labels
On-the spot
No cloud support
Stock and customer behavior predictions
Paper back and electronic labels supported

Effective, Retail, Intelligent, Scanner

Increase team efficiency and customer satisfaction | Eliminate human error | Grow brand loyalty

Price label detection

Equipped with a custom developed neural network, ERIS easily processes high resolution images and detects price tags displayed on shelves. Each identified label is passed through artificial intelligence algorithms, extracting product prices and barcode locations. This allows ERIS to determine price tag errors, on both paper back and electronic labels, and report when prices need to be rectified.

On shelf availability estimation and Out of Stock Detection

While scanning, ERIS collects data about the quantity of products on- shelf, estimates shelf availability and alerts when a product is out of stock, issuing warnings when in store restocking needs to be made. ERIS’s capability of determining OSA is supported by sensors able to detect depth information, integrated with product detection algorithms.

Price label printing

To make the process of label replacement even easier, ERIS comes equipped with printers able to generate the correct price label to change faulty ones detected during a shelf scanning session. ERIS’ operator is able to remediate the mistake instantly and on the spot.




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