Enhancing human potential through robotic solutions

Enhancing human potential through robotic solutions

Adapt. Automate. Advance.

Creating, designing, and manufacturing adaptable robotic products that support your efforts for automation and technological progress.

Adapta Robotics is committed to bringing together the most advanced hardware technologies and artificial intelligence techniques in innovative robots, while being persistent in offering businesses the assistance needed in the implementation process.

Keeping communication open: while connecting your existing tools and platforms with our robots to achieve performance, and whenever you need support.

No nonsense: what you need is what we provide; no additional, ineffective components. We listen to your needs and adapt our solutions according to them, across multiple industries and environments.

From the ground up: every Adapta robot is designed and built by dedicated engineers. They are also behind all adaptations and customizations of every robotic product.

  • MATT Standard Logo

    Device hardware and software testing made Smarter, Faster, and more Precise. MATT is designed to physically interact with devices through replicating human input.

  • MATT Extended Logo

    Extending test case possibilities through MATT Extended. With the same ultimate testing abilities. MATT Ex is the alternative to manual testing for any device up for bigger devices.

  • MATT Adapt Logo

    MATT is more adaptable than ever. By integrating MATT’s software suite with a 6-DoF robotic arm, devices of any shape, size or orientation can be tested with the same abilities of the MATT product family.

  • ERIS Logo

    Scan, process, solve on the spot! Rectify in- store price and promotion errors and minimize customer dissatisfaction brought by empty shelves and price tag mistakes with ERIS.



Automate day to day tests of HMI functionalities and their everyday use. Stress test and regression test, starting from infotainment systems and smart mirrors interaction to Bluetooth connectivity and more.


Perform advanced testing for cockpit screens by interacting in the same way a pilot would.


MATT replicates human hand gestures, through physical input, on mobile devices’ touch screen displays or buttons to execute any functionality and usability use-cases.

Device testing

From device commissioning, refurbishment and end of line testing, MATT performs in any human tested scenario and beyond. Independent of OS, shape or size, test touch screens or buttons by replicating human interaction and multitouch hand gestures (tap, pinch, swipe, rotate)


Versatile in gaming industry, MATT is testing the interaction with joysticks and controllers for any console manufacturer, measuring game display latency for various mobile devices (tablet or mobile phone), at user’s command.


MATT is adaptable to any wearable device under test, from simple interactions with screens and buttons, to performing every-day use steps and exercise simulations.


Performing the same steps continuously, with the same precision, and repeating response time measurements with unchanged accuracy for the most reliable measurement during your R&D phase.


ERIS makes the process of keeping a correct, up to date in store price display and OSA more efficient and easier to handle. Minimize customer dissatisfaction brought by empty shelves, price, and promotion tags mistakes.

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