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WebSockets in Python for Practitioners

Finding a Python package, for WebSocket connectivity, often turns out to be harder than initially planned. Here is a guideline referring to utilizing Websockets in Python, with or without async.

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ERIS, the robot for today's retail industry needs

For today’s retail industry necessities, between a hand-held scanning solution and an autonomous robot, there is a middle ground option, less daunting and more budget friendly.

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The process of teaching MATT how to play Chess

Adapta launched the challenge of teaching MATT how to play Chess. One of our Students’ Program interns came up with an original solution.

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MATT in Mobile Gaming- a DXOMARK Test protocol

Performing in a testing protocol meant to determine the touch- to- display response time, MATT is an essential tool in benchmarking mobile game performance between different phone brands and helping in providing a smooth user experience.

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