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Robots built from the ground up. We adapt each of out robotic products to suit your automation needs and support your technological advancement.

Adapta Robotics is founded on the motivation to design, develop and build all robotic products from scratch, offering the undebatable advantage of adapting and improving them whenever necessary, to seamlessly integrate into a team or process. Our goal being to deliver high quality products and services, we think, plan and prototype, iterate, analyze, and improve, always aspiring to be better and do better.

We always keep an open communication, hearing your needs, feedback and opinion, offering our advice and support, all being essential to the process of adapting our robotic products to your problem and automation requirements. We offer exactly what you need, not burdening you with complexities that impress but are counterproductive.

What we
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The idea, vision and principles behind Adapta Robotics matured over years, first in academia and academic robotics contests, then under RinfTech as the robotics department. While being the same determined and invested people that started working on competition robots almost 10 years ago, naturally, we reached a point where we were driven towards new challenges and experiences. So, we decided to launch Adapta. Building on our background, we aim to find new approaches and perspectives to complex problems, while keeping the same passion and enthusiasm.

Our mission is to build robots from the ground up, designing and customizing them to fit pain points and scenarios, while offering support and keeping an open communication with our customers.

We are guided by the vision of supporting businesses and people reach their full potential by using our robots as a customizable advantage and bringing efficiency to their monotonous tasks.

Why Adapta

Delivering a high degree of customization for our robotic solutions

Conveying value by using high quality, reliable components in building every robot

Delivering results, value and professionalism through a highly skilled, multidisciplinary team




    Skanska Green Court, 3rd floor, Building B, Bucharest, Romania

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