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Adapta Robotics specializes in assisting clients capture test data from any electronic control unit and make it universally available‚Äč.

Consistency and accuracy are essential for automated validation of Automotive HMI Systems. ‚ÄčEnhance your Device Testing Smart Automation for unparalleled Time and Cost efficiency.
Device Testing
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Easily Navigate through the Complex Needs of Automotive HMI Testing

Automotive HMI testing presents a significant challenge due to the need to ensure intuitive, safe, and reliable interactions between drivers and increasingly complex vehicle technologies. Accurately simulating real-world scenarios and user behaviors to validate system performance under diverse conditions is a complex and critical task.
Introducing MATT, your gateway to a future where touchscreen and device testing seamlessly align with evolving regulations. MATT ensures every touch, swipe, and tap meets both R&D and regulatory standards.


Pioneering Precision and Compliance in Touchscreen Testing
Purpose-built to conquer the unique challenges faced by industry leaders
AI enabled complete interaction with devices: context awareness, dynamic reactions, UI interaction based on visual cues
Solving the need for continuous device testing, enhancing testing automation through physical interaction with devices. 

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